ATTENTION Effective January 1, 2016
Amended Illinois Supreme Court Rules 11, 101, 107, 131 and 291 — Effective January 1, 2016
Attorneys are required to include a primary e-mail address on notices of hearing for an order of replevin; general summonses; summonses requiring appearance on a specified day; summonses in certain other cases in which specific date for appearance is required; summonses requiring appearance within 30 days after service; summonses under the Administrative Review Law; appearances and all pleadings filed in the Circuit Court to which documents may be served in conformance with Illinois Supreme Court Rule 131(d). In addition to the required primary e-mail address, attorneys may designate no more than two secondary e-mail addresses on all documents filed or served in any cause by an attorney upon another party. Unrepresented parties may designate a single e-mail address to which service may be directed under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 11(b)(6). If an unrepresented party does not designate an e-mail address, then service upon and by that party must be made by a method specified in Illinois Supreme Court Rule 11 other than e-mail transmission.

ATTENTION Effective December 1, 2015
Pursuant to the Illinois Clerk of Courts Act, with the approval of the Cook County Board, the Clerk of the Circuit Court shall charge and collect a document storage fee up to $25.00 and a court automation fee up to $25.00, in addition to any other fees, at the time of filing the first pleading, paper or other appearance filed by each party in all civil cases and by the defendant in any felony, traffic misdemeanor, municipal ordinance or conservation case upon a judgment of guilty or a grant of supervision

Notice: The e-mail address provided to register for the eFiling System will be considered your primary e-mail address for electronic service by means of the Electronic Filing Manager and in accordance with Illinois Supreme Court Rule 11 (b)(6). If you want to designate secondary e-mail addresses, go to the "Update Account" section under "My Account," and click on "Change Alternative Emails." Please note: in addition to your primary e-mail address, only the first two alternative e-mails that are designated will appear on forms created by the eFiling System.  Please be sure to keep your e-mail address(es) updated. Thank you.

ALERT!! INFORMATION LOST IF IDLE TOO LONG! Please be aware that you will be logged-off the Electronic Filing System if the program remains in idle status for one hour or more. Any information not submitted at the time will be lost.