Frequently Asked Questions about Cook County E-Filing
General Information

  What is a Cook County Attorney Code and how is it assigned?

A Cook County Attorney Code is a unique five-digit numerical code randomly assigned to law firms and attorneys by the Clerk’s Office as an identifier on all pleadings filed and orders drafted in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The Law Division is responsible for assigning and maintaining Attorney Codes for all attorneys practicing in the Circuit Court of Cook County. An Attorney Code may be obtained in Room 801 of the Richard J. Daley Center, 50 West Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois 60602. The requestor will need to complete the Cook County Attorney Code Request Form and submit copies of his/her valid government-issued driver’s license or identification card and his/her current ARDC card. A request can be submitted via fax to 312 603-3348 as well as via email ( If you require additional information regarding this procedure, please contact 312 603-5469.