Frequently Asked Questions about Cook County E-Filing
General Information

  What is the Black Line Trial Call?

On March 19, 2004, the Presiding Judge of the Law Division, Judge William D. Maddux implemented the Black Line Trial Call. Your case will stay with your assigned Master Calendar Motion Judge for all purposes until it moves above the Black Line at which time it will be assigned to a trial judge, subject to the discretion of the assignment judge . The one exception will be cases motioning to continue their trial dates.
      You may determine the status of you case in the Black List Pool by utilizing one of the following resources:
      • Searching the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Website at;
      • Checking the Law Bulletin;
      • Contacting our Information Desk at (312) 603-5426 or (312) 603-6930;
      • Using the Public Access Terminals located in Room 801 of the Daley Center to check the Electronic Docket under ‘LDBI’